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WVU Human Subjects Research

Pre-Approval Templates and Forms

Informed Consent Form (HIPAA Authorization Included)

Only Minimal Risk (OMR):


More Than Minimal Risk (MMR):

Full Board Clinical Trials, Non-Clinical Trials

Informational Cover Letter Template

HIPAA Authorization Form

Case Study Authorization Form

Electronic Informed Consent Submission Worksheets

*Not Required for NHSR, Exempt, or Flex protocols

Qualtrics eTemplates 

Download and upload the IRB-approved eTemplates into Qualtrics. The files are in Qualtrics format (.QSF) and cannot be opened unless they are uploaded into Qualtrics.  Qualtrics cannot be used for MMR protocols (Full Board Protocols). 

Combo Forms - Permission to Use Email Included:
Other eTemplates:
* WVU Qualtrics can be used for Research PII and Sensitive Topics

REDCap eTemplates 

The files listed below must be accessed in the REDCap library and cannot be downloaded. 

Combo Forms - Permission to Use Email Included:
  • WVU OHRP-e01 MMR/OMR eConsent with ID Verification Questions
  • WVU OHRP-e04 Standalone HIPPAA eAuthorization 
Other eTemplates:
  • WVU OHRP-e01 Standalone MMR/OMR eConsent
  • WVU OHRP-e05 Standalone Assent (Minors Ages 7 to 17) 
  • WVU OHRP-e06 Survey eTemplate
  • WVU OHRP-e07 Standalone Permission to Use Email Form with ID Verification Questions
  • WVU OHRP-e08  Recruitment/Send Information for Review
  • WVU OHRP-e10 Case Study Authorization Form 

Submission Management Forms

Event Reporting Forms and Templates

PI Resources

General WVU OHRP Forms