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WVU Institutional Review Board (IRB)

WVU OHRP facilitates the operation of two WVU Institutional Review Boards: the Blue Board and the Gold Board.

Full Board Clinical and Non-Clinical Trials and protocol applications requiring IRB review and a quorum must be reviewed at a convened IRB meeting. Amendments for approved full board protocols with changes in risk to subjects and renewals for full board protocols must also be submitted for review at an IRB meeting.

When WVU is not the IRB of Record, a protocol application must be entered in the system and WVU IRB acknowledgement is required for tracking and compliance purposes. Please review the External IRB section of the website for information and requirements.


The WVU IRBs meet at 8:30AM the 2nd (Gold) and 4th (Blue) Wednesday of each month. The deadline for submitting materials is two weeks prior to the meeting date. This schedule may change due to holidays or special events. Please refer to the 2022 calendar and 2023 calendar for specific dates.

NHSR/Flex, Exempt, and Expedited Protocols

NHSR\Flex, Exempt, and Expedited protocol types do not require a quorum and therefore are not required to be reviewed at an IRB meeting. These protocol applications can be reviewed and approved by authorized WVU OHRP IRB Administrators/IRB members at any time.

Note: After initial review by WVU OHRP, the protocol review type may change and review at an IRB meeting may be required. To avoid delays, review the guidance regarding review types and the requirements for each type.

IRB Fees

Fees apply for private or industry sponsored research. Fees do not apply for government agency, non-profit, personally-funded, or WVU-sponsored research. Refer to the Fees page for more info.

Institutional Review Boards (IRBs)

IRB Rosters (PDF Download)

WVU Gold IRB Members

FWA# 00005078
IORG# 0000194
IRB#1: 00000314 (Expires 5/16/2024)

Name Role Affiliation
Lesley Cottrell Chair, Voting Member, Social Scientist Pediatrics
Daniel Cifarelli
Vice Chair, Voting Member, Physician Scientist Neurosurgery
Kacie Kidd     Voting Member, Physician Scientist Pediatrics
Courtney Erzkus Voting Member, Non-Scientist Community Member 
Elizabeth Berry Bartolo Voting Member, Other Scientist Pharmacy
Jeremy Hensley Voting Member, Physician Scientist Anesthesiology
Lisa Fornaresio
Voting Member, Other Scientist Non-affiliated / Sociology
Wesley Kimble
Voting Member, Non-Scientist WV CTSI
Elisa Krackow Voting Member, Social Scientist Psychology
Carla Brigandi Voting Member, Social Scientist
Special Education
R. Constance Wiener
Voting Member, Other Scientist Dentistry
Sam Wilkinson
Voting Member, Non-Scientist Political Science / Public Administration
Johnathan Young
Voting Member, Social Scientist School of Public Health            
Sonikpreet Aulakh Voting Member, Physician Scientist Oncology

WVU Blue IRB Members

FWA# 00005078
IORG# 0000194
IRB#3: 00002568 (Expires 5/16/2024)

Name Role Affiliation
Richard Vaglienti
Chair, Voting Member, Physician Scientist
Pain Management / Anesthesiology
Stephen Davis Vice Chair, Voting Member, Social Scientist Social Work / Public Health
Christine Bezouska
Voting Member, Physician Scientist
Non-affiliated / Community Member 
Corey Colyer
Voting Member, Social Scientist Sociology & Anthropology
Alan Goodboy
Voting Member, Social Scientist Communications
Gerald Higa
Voting Member, Other Scientist Pharmacy / Hematology & Oncology
Autumn Kiefer
Voting Member, Physician Scientist Pediatrics
Paul McCarthy
Voting Member, Physician Scientist Cardiology
Lya Stroupe Voting Member, Other Scientist Nursing / Pediatrics
Chris Waters
Voting Member, Other Scientist
Christena Ross
Voting Member, Non-Scientist
Research Administration

Alternate Members

Name Role Affiliation
Matthew Riegel Floating Voting Member, Non-Scientist Community Member / Prisoner Rep.
Padmashree Tirumalai
Floating Voting Member, Other Scientist
Pamela Bunner   Floating Voting Member, Other Scientist WVU Cancer Institute
Emily Morgan   Floating Voting Member, Non-Scientist WV CTSI
Michael Ritchie   Floating Voting Member, Physician Scientist Anesthesiology
Erik Herron   Floating Voting Member, Social Scientist Political Science
Omar Garcia   Floating Voting Member, Physician Scientist Obstetrics / Gynecology
Jesse Wozniak Floating Voting Member, Social Scientist Sociology / Anthropology
Anya Slaven Floating Voting Member, Social Scientist WV CTSI  
Thomasena Williams Floating Voting Member, Non-Scientist WVU IRB Expedited Reviewer

Ex Officio Members

Name Role Affiliation
Joy Edwards   Non-Voting Member Conflict of Interest Director  
Marc Rinehart     Non-Voting Member Conflict of Interest Assistant Director
Katherine Dean Non-Voting Member Assistant Healthcare Counsel
Michael Spooner Non-Voting Member WVU Associate General Counsel
Nasser Razmianfar Non-Voting Member Radiation Safety Director
Stephen Root      Non-Voting Member Radiation Safety
Alexandra Elliott   Non-Voting Member Institutional Biosafety (IBC)