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  • WVU+kc New Award Go-Live 4/11/22

WVU+kc New Award Go-Live 4/11/22

WVU+kc Award System Enhancements (Go Live 4/11/22)

Highlights of changes to the Award data:

  • Previously the tabs available for view were limited to:

    • Green Sheet
    • Special Review
    • Comments
    • Notes & Attachments
    • Medusa
  • After April 11 researchers will be able to view information related to:

    • Award
    • Contacts
    • Commitments
    • Green Sheet
    • Payment
    • Reports & Terms
    • Special Review
    • Comments
    • Notes & Attachments
    • Award Actions
    • Medusa
Award Module changes in detail.
Award Includes information about funding proposals, subawards, the project sponsor, and important dates.
Contacts Provides information about key personnel such as PI's and CoI's, unit, and central administration contacts. Also included in this section is the current Conflict of Interest status and expiration dates for PI's and CoI's.
Commitments The commitments tab contains information about cost sharing, rates applied to the award, and any spending authorizations which may have been granted.
Payment, Reports & Terms This tab provides the means, in accordance with federal regulations and/or institutional polices, to maintain detailed invoice, payment schedules, and related information about the award. Sponsors require submission of reports in a timely and accurate manner and may also require a specified format for those reports. This functionality will not be fully available until later in the year.
Special Review Provides information regarding the status of other related institutional projects such as IRB submissions.
Comments, Notes & Attachments This is three tabbed sections that allow for viewing of comments, notes, and the ability to download attachments associated with the Award.
Award Actions Contains sections that allow for viewing the Award/Task relationship or hierarchy.
Medusa This tab displays a graphical representation between one or more Proposal Developments, Institutional Proposals and Awards. By clicking on any of these a summarized view of key information will be displayed.

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