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Ancillary Reviews

WVU requires ancillary reviews to be completed prior to the protocol application review within WVU OHRP and before the protocol application can be assigned to an IRB reviewer.

The review is managed from within WVU+kc. When the protocol application is submitted, the information is sent to the WVU staff responsible for the approvals. WVU OHRP cannot begin work on the protocol until the ancillary reviews are complete and approved. Note that WVU OHRP cannot track the status of ancillary reviews and has no control over the time required for the review. It is recommended that complete and accurate information be provided to avoid delays in approval.

(SOP 051: Ancillary Reviews)

Radiation Safety

Research projects that include radiation as part of the protocol and not as part of the participants standard of care are required to receive approval from the WVU Radiation Safety Officer. Review the HSC Radiation Safety Office website for information and contacts. Upon submitting the protocol application in the system and the questions triggering radiation safety approval are answered, the protocol application is sent to the WVU Radiation Safety Officer.

Please note: Radiation Safety review occurs after the PI submits the protocol and this review must be completed before the protocol appears in WVU OHRP's queue for review. Study teams are reminded to budget 3-5 business days for this review.


Review the WVU Environmental Health & Safety website for information and contacts. Upon submitting the protocol the information will be sent to the Institutional Biohazard Committee (IBC), the WVU EHS website provides the committee meeting dates. Review the information on the WVU EHS website for information regarding initial registrations, yearly updates, amendments and renewals.