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Data Use Agreement

Research Data Agreements

Complete the Data Protection Request Form to begin the process of determining the type of data agreement that may be required for your research project.  Note that WVU OHRP does not facilitate the completion or approval of Data Agreements.  WVU OHRP does NOT require that the data agreement to be uploaded with the protocol applications, however research cannot begin until the data agreement is approved.
OSP, General Counsel, WV CTSI, and the ITS departments assist with agreement review and approval

WVU Research Policies for Data Agreements

Transmission/Sharing of WVU Research Data with External Parties

Research data transferred out of WVU, WVU HSC, WVUM or WVUM Affiliates to an external entity or research data shared with an external entity during or after a the conclusion of research requires an approved data agreement from WVU OSP.  This includes all types of research data (anonymous, de-identified, coded, anonymized, identifiable (PHI and RPII).

Transmission/Sharing of External Data for Research Purpose to WVU (will be stored at WVU)

Research data transferred into WVU, WVU HSC, WVUM or WVUM Affiliates for research purposes does not require a data agreement.  If the entity transferring or sharing the data with WVU researchers requests that WVU review and sign a data agreement, WVU OSP will review the agreement.

  • Identifiable data transferred from an entity that is considered PHI by the entity is required to be stored on a HIPAA compliant storage plan.  HIPAA compliant transmission methods are required.
  • Identifiable data transferred from an entity is considered Research Personally Identifiable (RPII) by WVU and is required to be stored on a medium-risk storage plan. Medium-risk or high-risk transmission methods are required.
  • De-identified data and anonymous data are considered low-risk, however an agreement is required to transfer or share data with external parties.